4 Tips to Make a Good Impression on Your Phone Interview

by webmaster 05/02/2015

By Irene Enriquez
One advantage of applying for a home based job is that you will only be interviewed over the phone. This lessens the pressure to mind your posture, hand gestures, and overall appearance. But just because you won’t be facing the person that will conduct the interview, it doesn’t mean that you should prepare any less.

1. Do some research before the interview.

Knowing is half the battle. You may not know the answer to all the questions  but doing some research will help you feel more confident. (You will be amazed as to how much research can help you. I have done research to almost all of the interviews I’ve done in my life and it really helped me a lot.)  The questions usually asked are the same as the questions one would ask in a face-to-face interview. First few questions would be about yourself – your interests, experience, strengths and weaknesses. You must also know the ins and outs of the position your applying for. Research what are the usual tasks and responsibilities and relate them to your skills and experience.

2. Practice makes perfect.

The first thing you must possess to get a home based job is to be fluent in English. You might be confident of your communication skills but when the interview comes, nervousness can affect your voice and even your sentence construction. One thing you can do is to write a question in a piece of paper and roll the paper. Make about 10 or so questions and put them in a box or container. Pick one paper randomly and answer the question comprehensively.

3. Don’t forget to smile.

I know this advice is really a cliché but that’s because it works really well. Interviews are mostly conducted over Skype. I had to undergo several interviews and all of them were done through Skype. Your voice and the way you speak will be the only way for you to present yourself and convince the other person on the other line that you are right for the job. Smile and sound energetic and friendly.

4. Be honest.

There may be times that technical questions will come up. Some of these questions may involve asking if have you already used a specific software or application before. If you are not familiar with some of them, tell the interviewer honestly. But don’t end your statement with simply telling them you don’t know. Say things like, “I am not familiar with that software yet but I can learn pretty fast.” or “I find it interesting to learn new things. I consider it a challenge and I’m sure I will be able to perform well once I get the hang of it.”

If you’re still not confident, ask a friend to act as the interviewer. You can have a role play and this will be a great experience for you both.

Irene Enriquez is a writer and an internet marketer who enjoys working from the comfort of her own home. Follow your dreams and start finding homebased jobs Philippines from her site. Visit => to find more information on how you can find real and long-term work at home jobs.

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Sell Yourself Through Your Resume

by webmaster 05/02/2015

By Bryan W Goldberg

Many assume that the resume works as a list and nothing else; a list which mentions your past jobs, organizations, accomplishments and contact details. That is not the right approach to treat resumes.

Mainly, a resume is a marketing tool. It’s designed to market and sell you as the best candidate. Following the tradition of marketing tools, a resume should make sure you represent yourself in the most substantial way possible.

On the working principle of advertisements, a resume is required to be appealing enough to capture the attention of the target audience and send a strong message. A resume should proficiently deal with the representation of your details. A resume shouldn’t contain all the details of an applicant’s life history because lengthy resumes would put the target audience off. If you have a restricted space for highlighting your achievements, you better do an effective job of it. Your documentation should be a concise and perfect record of your professional stats.

You need to analyze your professional journey and choose the most prominent of details. This also generates a need for you to present your most valued skills in the best way possible. That may include computer literacy and the kind of relevant talent that might get you a particular job. In addition to that, your accomplishments should be accurately narrated. These may vary from a deal that you helped your past employers finalize or a valuable project that you contributed to. It also involves realizing the importance of experiences and prioritizing them.

So how to choose your selling points from a large pool of data? Some fundamental tips to help you pick your most cherished selling points are stated below:

1.Determining the relevance of the items:
Realize the importance of certain accomplishments and experiences that can contribute to your current job aspirations. You might be in possession of a wide range of abilities and achievements, and you may list most of them but give special importance and space to the points that qualify your for the current job.

2.Emphasize latest technologies:
Draw attention to your skills regarding the latest development in trends and technologies. Your employer will be more interested to know how you are coping with the evolving times.

3.Use clear instances:
Be specific while underlining your achievements and avoid vagueness and general statements. Back your statements with facts and figures whenever you can

4.Keep a range of resumes ready:
If you have intentions of applying for wide areas of positions, you better keep custom-designed resumes ready. Each resume works as a different kind of catalyst for a particular job.

5.Utilize a range of opinions that provide objectivity:
As much as we try, we fail to deal with our own accomplishments objectively. Don’t forget that your resume should act as a means to persuade the employer to hire you and not as a self-gratification tool. Let a professional or an ally review your resume for you. The services of a professional resume writer can be very helpful.

Bryan Goldberg is a senior manager at a major US based job placement agency. He is also a professional resume writer at Visit now for resume writing services.

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Phone Interview Tips – Five Great Tips For an Excellent Phone Interview

by webmaster 05/02/2015

By Catherine Z Jones
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There are several different reasons why a company might choose to run phone interviews. While it does not give them the face to face contact that a conventional interview does, it allows them to get through many applicants relatively quickly.

If you find yourself facing a phone interview, you’ll find that you need to distinguish yourself to make sure that you get offered a second, usually traditional, face-to-face interview. Follow the phone interview tips below to make sure that you present yourself well.

5 Phone Interview Tips


1. Double check the day and time.
Simple we know, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t remember it. Even if the phone interview is taking place in your own home, you’ll find that it is still important to be there in plenty of time and be ready. If the interview is early, you don’t want to sound like you are just rolling out of bed. Remember to make sure that you are ready and waiting to pick up whenever they call, so figure out where you are going to be and when.

2. Dress up
It might sound a little silly to put yourself in a suit or other business attire when you are not leaving the house at all, but you will find that if you do this you can remain a good deal more mindful about your situation than if you were simply wearing your sweats or your pajamas. When you dress sharp, there is a good chance that you will feel sharp too, so take the time to make sure you take advantage of this mental trick.

3. Keep things quiet
If you are in a situation where you live with other adults and children, make sure that you have a secure area in which to speak to your prospective new employers. Shut yourself up in a room and make sure that someone is keeping the kids quiet, or request that your roommates keep things quiet on entering and leaving while you are talking on the phone. Remember that the quieter the room is, the better your ability to concentrate is going to be.

4. Gather everything you need
Before the phone interview, get everything ready. You’ll want your resume, CV or job application form and any portfolio samples that you think might be relevant. Remember to keep a pencil and some paper nearby in case you need to make notes, and make sure that you leave yourself some reminders about things that you want to bring up. Keep everything organized so you don’t have to search frantically when you want to refer to something.

5. Thinking about call quality
Whatever you do, don’t eat or chew gun during your phone interview, although you might want to keep some water nearby to make sure that you can wet your throat. Unless you have excellent reception, you may wish to conduct your phone interview on a landline. Similarly, keep in mind the fact that you need to turn off things like call waiting to make sure that you can speak uninterrupted.

Follow these 5 phone interview tips and your phone interview will run more smoothly.

There’s more on phone interview tips including example phone interview questions and great phone interview articles.

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Job Interview Tips To Help Make You Stand Out

by webmaster 05/02/2015

By Adam English
Santa Barbara Jobs

Is it hard for you to get a job or with the economic depression, or simply accept this as a reality? Do you usually leave interviews with a god awful feeling? Some people tend to go through interview without preparation and this can lead to disastrous results. If you really want to win your desired job, you should give an extra effort. By being prepared it will help eliminate or at least lessen your nervousness.

Here are some tips for winning a job interview:

1. As an old saying says “First impressions last” and it is true. Prepare your best suit or attire, get ready with your coolest necktie, and add some cufflinks to make you standout. The moment that you step inside the interview room, the first thing that the employer will notice is your outfit and the way you carry it. Watch your posture, never slouch, and dress smart. Be sure to turn-off your cellular phone and even if it rings (if you forgot to turn it off), ignore it!

2. Do your research. You should plan ahead, study the company and the position that you are aspiring for. Review your previous career and study on how you can make it an advantage for the company needs.

3. Practice your interview. Write down the possible question that the employer will ask, usual questions like “What are your best qualities?” or “Give me the reasons why should we choose you?”. If it is possible have someone to help you through question and answer. Hand him/her the questions and do a role playing of an actual interview. Make sure to highlight all of your positive qualities and achievements.

4. Never be late. Be there early, you can never expect when a heavy traffic would suddenly come up. Your first day is going to be you’re first impression. But if the situation is really bad and you are really going to be late, show courteousness by giving them a call.

5. Avoid sharing bad comments from your previous employer. It will give your personality a negative feedback.

6. Never tell a lie – just be the best of what you are.

7. Get ready with at least one or two questions. When you ask questions, it will deliver a message to the employer that you are interested and excited about the job. An employer would like to hire someone who looks excited and eager to be part of their company.

8. Maintain eye contact with the employer and listen carefully. It will show your sincerity and your interest to the job.

9. Maintain a positive attitude. Never tell an employer “Please I need a job” or”This is my 110th interview please hire me” and the worst “I need money badly”. Don’t show that you are desperate. Instead tell them about yourself, especially your skills and achievements. This will give a positive atmosphere throughout the interview.

10. When you are asked about previous struggles, tell them on how you cope up and how you used them to make you a better person.

After the interview, never forget to say your thanks for the time the employer spent to you. Remember to wear something that the employer would remember, like an interesting necktie or an eye-catching pair of cufflinks. It would make you stand-out from the rest. And lastly just relax and just be the best of what you can be.

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